Carla Alferes Pinto

Gabinete: B621

She is a Full researcher for CHAM – Centre for the Humanities at NOVA FCSH (Faculty of Social and Human Sciences). She is President of the Scientific Commission and head of the Centre’s ‘Heritage and current challenges’ research thematic line. She has been a guest lecturer in the History Department of NOVA FCSH’s master’s program ‘Heritage’ (since 2019) and in ‘History of Portuguese Empire’ (e-learning since 2015). Since July 2020, she has been the coordinator of the MA in ‘Heritage’. With a master’s degree in History of Art of the Early Modern Period (1997) and a PhD in History of Art (specialization in Museology and Artistic Heritage, 2014), she leads the project ‘VESTE _ Dressing the Court: costume, gender and identity(ies)’ which focuses on the history and cultures of fashion during the early modern period in Portugal. Her research is cross-culture and -disciplinary engaged, calling for teamwork and different skills. Her areas of interest encompass Heritage studies as an interdisciplinary field that addresses methodologic, safeguarding, and societal challenges. Also, the commission, production and use of artistic objects by women during the early modern period; the history and study of everyday objects entangling archaeology and visual resources; and the analysis of artistic relationships between Portugal and Portuguese India during the early modern period. Carla Alferes Pinto is also an active member of several networks and research projects, such as the UNESCO Chair on Oceans’ Cultural Heritage (member of the scientific board), HPIP _ Heritage of Portuguese Influence (Head of the Board until 2024), and H2020 RISE project CONCHA _ The Construction of Early Modern Global Cities and Oceanic Networks in the Atlantic: An approach via Ocean’s Cultural Heritage (researcher and deputy leader of the work package 2_ The Immaterial Culture of the Ocean: Data Digging, Management and Preservation). She is also a member of several professional organizations like ICOM, the Portuguese Association of Art Historians, The Association of Dress Historians, and the European Association of South Asian Studies.

Unidade de investigação: CHAM - Centro de Humanidades (CHAM - NOVA FCSH)

2015DoutoramentoFaculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (FCSH)History of Art _ Museology and Artistic Heritage
  • From the Sea to the Land  
  • The Otherness of the Duchess and her Authorship of the Decorative Schemes for the Baptisms of her Sons Adrian-John-Amadeus and Emmanuel Philibert  
  • VI CHAM International Conference: Heritage for Common Future / Futures for a Common Heritage  
  • AZEVEDO, Carlos Mascarenhas Martins de  
TítuloFonte de financiamentoInícioEstado
Invited Professor - Património e Identidades, MA Heritage NOVA FCSH
Invited Professor e-learning MA History of the Portuguese Empire, NOVA FCSH
Visiting teacher at the Council on International Educational Exchange (USA), Lisbon / NOVA FCSH
Visiting teacher at the Council on International Educational Exchange (USA), Lisbon / NOVA FCSH
2010-02-01Visiting teacher postgraduate course Art Expertise at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Lisbon)
Visiting Teacher at Escola Superior de Tecnologias e Artes de Lisboa
Professor - História, metodologias e teoria do património em Portugal, MA Heritage NOVA FCSH
MA Heritage Coordinator (with Paula Ochôa)
Professor - Património Material, Móvel e Arquitetónico