Pedro Gomes is postdoctoral researcher at CICS.NOVA of New University of Lisbon. His research interests currently focus on the transnational history of Angolan sport in the post-independence period during the Cuban Civil Mission.
In 2021 he was awarded his PhD in Sociology (Institute of Social Sciences – University of Lisbon) in 2021, with the work Leisure, Popular Culture and Colonialism in Luanda: sociability and translocal resistance in a story about music and cars (1957-1975)
He has published on the social history of sports and music in colonial Angola and Portugal. 

Unidade de investigação: Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais (CICS.NOVA - NOVA FCSH)

Áreas de investigação: Oral History, Musical Cultures, Leisure Studies, Sports and colonialism, Grounded Theory, Historical Sociology, Popular Culture, African socialism

DoutoramentoInstituto de Ciências Sociais - ICSSociologia
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