Filipe Miguel Nobre da Silva Faria

Filipe Nobre Faria currently works as a researcher in ethics and political philosophy at the Institute for Philosophy of the Nova University of Lisbon (IFILNOVA). He also lectures on subjects of his expertise at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences/Nova. Previously, he earned his PhD in Political Theory (2016) from King’s College London and his master degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (2011) from the University of East Anglia. He also taught within the areas of political theory and political economy at King’s College London. His main research interest lies in applying the insights of the behavioural and evolutionary sciences to issues in social and political philosophy. 

Unidade de investigação: Instituto de Filosofia da NOVA (IFILNOVA)

2016DoutoramentoPolitical Theory
2011MestradoUniversity of East AngliaPhilosophy, Politics and Economics
2010LicenciaturaUniversidade NOVA de LisboaPolitical Science and International Relations
  • Social Evolution as Moral Truth Tracking in Natural Law  
  • Political Correctness  
  • The Evolutionary Limits of Liberalism  
  • A Direita nunca existiu.  
  • Ética Evolutiva  
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