Elsa De Luca

ELSA DE LUCA is an early music scholar pursuing research on medieval chant notations; she is also actively involved in the development of tools for computer-assisted research in early music (mainly databases and automatic music encoding). 

Elsa is currently carrying out palaeographical research into Iberian medieval notation through the research project ‘A pre-Gregorian musical repertory under scrutiny: neumes, scribes, and books of the Old Hispanic Chant’ (Norma Transitória – DL 57/2016/CP1453/CT0085).

Elsa is the PI of the FCT-funded research project Echoes from the Past: Unveiling a Lost Soundscape with Digital Analysis (2022.01957.PTDC), running from 03/2023 until 02/2026. The project was ranked first in the 2022 Portuguese national call for research projects in the ‘Arts’.

She has published articles on notation, cryptography, and liturgy in a selection of Iberian and French manuscripts (10th – 16th cent.) and on music encoding. She co-edited with A. Miguélez and E. Loic a special issue of the Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies (14/1, 2022) Connecting the Dots: New Research Paradigms for Iberian Manuscripts as Material Objects. Currently, she has two forthcoming books on the palaeography of plainchant from the medieval East and West, both books co-edited with I. Moody and J.F. Goudesenne for Brepols. 

In addition, Elsa is Coordinator of the Portuguese Early Music Database; co-director of the book series Musicalia Antiquitatis & Medii Aevi, published by Brepols; a member of the CESEM-FCSH editorial committee and review editor for the Portuguese Journal of Musicology new series. Finally, Elsa has been serving as member of the CESEM board of directors since 04/2023.

Over the years, Elsa has collaborated in eleven research projects in Italy, France, Portugal, the UK and Canada. 

Main areas of teaching

Music paleography and codicology

Music encoding (early music)

Music history and analysis (medieval and renaissance music)

Historical performance practice

Unidade de investigação: Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical (CESEM - NOVA FCSH)

Áreas de investigação: Early Music, Plainchant, Performance Practice, Digital Humanities, Music Encoding, Musical Notation, Musical analysis, Medieval Liturgy, Music Palaeography, Codicology

2002Istituto Musicale Pareggiato ai Conservatori di Stato, Ceglie Messapica (BR), ItalyPiano Performance
  • Connecting the Dots  
  • Intermediality in medieval Iberian manuscript cultures  
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