Cristina Fernandes is a contracted researcher at INET-md, where she coordinates the research group “Historical and Cultural Studies in Music” and  is carrying out a research project titled “Music, Performing Arts and Diplomacy in the 18th century: Portuguese networks in the international stage” (2022.03493.CEEC-ind). Between 2020 and 2022 she was the Co-PI of the project “PROFMUS-To be a musician in Portugal: the social and professional condition of musicians in Lisbon” (INET-md, funded by FCT).  She integrated the research team for the ERC project  PERFORMART-Promoting, Patronising and Practising the Arts in Roman Aristocratic Families (1644-1740) (CNRS, ÉFR-Rome, funded by the ERC) and collaborated with several projects of the research group “Music in Spain: Composition, Reception and Interpretation” (Universidad de La Rioja, Spain).  She carried out a post-doctoral project on music and ceremonial at the Royal and Patriarchal Chapel of Lisbon (1716-1834), funded by FCT (2011-2017), and has published on several topics, such as music and royal power in the early modern era; music and diplomacy in the 18th century; musical and cultural exchanges between Portugal, Spain and Italy; women and music in the Iberian Courts; music criticism.

Unidade de investigação: Instituto de Etnomusicologia - Centro de Estudos em Música e Dança (INET-MD - NOVA FCSH)

2010DoutoramentoUniversidade de ÉvoraMúsica e Musicologia
  • A Banda Real e outros agrupamentos de instrumentos de sopro e percussão ao serviço da monarquia (1707-1834)  
  • A recuperação de óperas setecentistas portuguesas vista pela crítica  
  • De los escenarios europeos a las iglesias ibéricas  
  • Women and Music in the Early Modern Age Palácio Nacional de Queluz, 2-4 July 2021  
  • A imprensa como fonte para a história da interpretação musical  
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