Bartholomew Ryan [PhD in Philosophy, University of Aarhus, 2006] works as a researcher at the NOVA University of Lisbon, Institute of Philosophy/Faculty of Human and Social Sciences. He is currently the coordinator of the research group Forms of Life and Practices of Philosophy in CultureLab at IFILNOVA, and he was the coordinator of CultureLab in 2017-2022. His academic and creative works orbit around the central motif of ‘transformation’ and the plurality of the subject in modernity which takes into account the masks, ecologies, journeys and (multiple) identities that define the modern human condition and ecological being. He has published various books and articles on philosophy and literature, and on various thinkers, writers and problems of modernism.

Research Unit:

Instituto de Filosofia da NOVA (IFILNOVA)

Areas of Research:

Philosophy and Literature, Modernism as a Philosophical Problem, Søren Kierkegaard, Fernando Pessoa, James Joyce, Ecological Thought.

Unidade de investigação: Instituto de Filosofia da NOVA (IFILNOVA)

2006DoutoramentoAarhus UniversitetPhilosophy
  • A new vocabulary of the self  
  • Chaosmopolitanism  
  • Dando voz à vacilação, ao logos e às máscaras do self  
  • Ecological-Artistic Interpenetrations on a Damaged Planet  
  • Fernando Pessoa and Philosophy  
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