Aurora Almada e Santos

Aurora Almada e Santos is a researcher at the Instituto de História Contemporânea of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in Portugal. My scientific area of activity is the International History and my research intends the application of this methodological framework to the study of Portuguese decolonization.  Applying a broad context as analytical tool, my domain of specialization is the international dimension of the struggle for self-determination and independence of Portuguese colonies between 1961 and 1974. Having as major focus the role played by the international organizations, in my master and PhD was given a special attention to the activities developed by the United Nations regarding Portuguese colonial issue. In addition to the activities related to the study of Portuguese decolonization in an international perspective, I have also been working as archivist in the Lisbon Municipality Archive. The experience acquired has been useful in my research, allowing me a better knowledge of Portuguese and foreign archives.

Unidade de investigação: Instituto de História Contemporânea IHC - NOVA FCSH

2014DoutoramentoFaculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (FCSH)Contemporary History
  • Action needed  
  • Laranjeiro, Catarina. Dos Sonhos e das Imagens  
  • Portugal, as Nações Unidas e a autodeterminação de Timor-Leste, 1974-1982  
  • «Razões Para Nos Sentirmos Confiantes»  
  • «A Liga morreu, longa vida às Nações Unidas!»:  
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