André Evangelista Marques

I received my PhD in History from the University of Porto (2012) and have subsequently joined the Institute for Medieval Studies at NOVA University of Lisbon as a research fellow. I am an historian of early medieval Iberia with a comparative interest in northern Europe. My research has focused initially on land use and landscape representation, then on justice and the settlement of disputes. More recent work includes topics such as maritime communities, parish formation, and the production and transmission of early medieval charters.

Unidade de investigação: Instituto de Estudos Medievais (IEM - NOVA FCSH)

Áreas de investigação: Early Medieval studies, Landscape and Settlement, Justice, Dispute Settlement, Parish formation, Portugal, Digital Humanities, Cartularies, Maritime Communities, Rural Communities

2012DoutoramentoUniversidade do PortoHistória (Medieval)
2006MestradoUniversidade do PortoHistória Medieval
2003LicenciaturaUniversidade do PortoHistória
  • Peter Linehan, in memoriam  
  • An emerging periphery  
  • As incursões vikings no Norte de Portugal  
  • Between the language of law and the language of justice  
  • Procesos Judiciales en las sociedades medievales del norte peninsular (siglos IX-XI)  
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