How is a semester at NOVA FCSH?

At NOVA FCSH, the school year consists of two semesters: the first runs from September to the end of January. The second from February to May. January and May (there are no classes) are the months where students take final classes exams (not every curricular units have them). During classes, they can do assignments or written tests (depending on academic degrees).

Social Sciences and Humanities Track

NOVA FCSH offers an international and interdisciplinary range of courses, the Social Sciences and Humanities Track. This is a set of interdisciplinary Curricular Units taught in English based on the results of research developed by NOVA FCSH and open to all the students of the Campus.

The courses usually involve at least two scientific areas and offer different perspectives on crucial problems in the area of humanities and social sciences. Enrich your CV and check the courses you can apply for below. Class timetables for the second semester of the 2021/22 academic year can be found below.

English curricula at NOVA FCSH

Here you can find all optional courses that are lectured in English

Courses taught in English

Anthropology of the Anthropocene

  • Optional Course for all undergraduate students
  • Professor: Tânia Minhós
  • Semester: 1st
  • Syllabus

Decorative Arts

  • Optional Course for all undergraduate students
  • Professor: Nuno Senos
  • Semester: 1st
  • Syllabus

Introduction to Western Music: History, Arts and Society

Introduction to Ethics (through Film)

Mind, Self and 21st Century Technology

Political Theory

Philosophy and Literature

  • Optional course for all undergraduate students.
  • Professor: Antonio Cardiello
  • Semester: 1st
  • Syllabus