The Masters in Trends in English and North-American Studies, a specialization taught entirely in English, has an interdisciplinary dimension to the study and research of English-speaking interculturalism.

Its main goals are to promote specialized training in current literary and cultural trends in English and North-American Studies, enabling specific knowledge of both the English and North-American areas, as well as the interdisciplinary interaction between them and the respective projection in Anglo-Portuguese Studies.

The course also aims to develop theoretical and methodological competences necessary for the preparation of innovative research projects in the specialized areas of the programme.

Through problematisation and analysis of themes that are transversal to the contemporary social sciences and humanities, the course allows national and international students to acquire not only a specialized interdisciplinary understanding of this academic field, but also research skills in Anglophone literature and culture.

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Curricular structure

Duration: 4 semesters Credits: 120 ECTS

The course has a duration of 4 semesters and the taught component is composed of 6 seminars to be held in the first two semesters of the course. Of these 6 seminars, 1 is compulsory, focusing on Literary Intermedialities and Digital Humanities; 4 seminars are held in the scientific area of English, North-American and Anglo-Portuguese Literary Studies and Cultural Studies; 1 free-choice seminar, held either in the 1st semester or in the 2nd semester and chosen from among the postgraduate level curricular units of NOVA FCSH or NOVA.

The 3rd and 4th semesters of the course are exclusively dedicated to the elaboration of the master's dissertation or project work, or undertaking a practical work experience with report.