Miguel Alarcão

Office: A208


Main fields and topics of research:

English Medieval Literature, Culture and History (especially 11th-15th centuries);

British Medievalisms (18th-19th centuries);

Anglo-Portuguese Studies (Literature, Culture and History), particularly the alliance, travel writing and the aesthetic reception and artistic depiction of Sintra;

The British Sixties (youth and pop cultures).

Research unit: Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies (CETAPS)

Research areas: English/British Culture(s);, History of England/Britain;, English Medieval Literature;, Anglo-Portuguese Studies.

1996DoctorateUniversidade NOVA de Lisboa Cultura Inglesa
1986MasterUniversidade NOVA de Lisboa Estudos Anglo-Portugueses
1981BachelorUniversidade NOVA de Lisboa Línguas e Literaturas Modernas (Estudos Portugueses e Ingleses)
  • A Tale of Two Travellers in King Alfred’s Court  
  • Chaucer e Camões  
  • Sex and the Sixties  
  • Toasting to Chaucer (c.1342-1400)  
  • Whitestone, Brains & Morlays, Ltd.  
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Director of the Central Library at NOVA FCSH
Co-coordinator of the earliest research group on Medieval Studies (NCEM) at NOVA FCSH
Colloquial Assistant in Portuguese at the Department of Hispanic Studies, The University of Birmingham