Whether you are a foreign student wishing to study at NOVA FCSH under a mobility program, a NOVA FCSH student wishing to apply for a period of studies abroad, or a member of our community wanting to experience international mobility, find here the necessary information.


NOVA FCSH is part of NOVA University of Lisbon, which is listed in the most important educational international rankings. But if you already are at NOVA and want to go into the world, see the hundreds of opportunities you can find on the map.

If you are coming to Lisbon

Lisbon offers to international sudents a true European experience: art galleries, cafes, museums, libraries, multiculturalism and an unique architecture face. It is Europe’s second-oldest capital city, just after Athens, and it is here that most of the Portuguese students choose to study for their university degree.

Studying at NOVA FCSH

From the grades system to health insurance, get to know everything about how our school works.

EUTOPIA European University

NOVA is part of EUTOPIA European University, an alliance that brings together ten European universities with the aim of becoming, by 2030, an open, multicultural operation and confederate of connected campuses. EUTOPIA offers opportunities for students, researchers, teachers, technical and administrative staff.

This alliance shares common values that are points of reference for joint activities, namely Excellence in Teaching and Research, Inclusion, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, Cooperation and Openness, and Academic Freedom.


For more information on Mobility programs, Student Support and Erasmus+ agreements contact the Mobility Office (NAM). For more information on International Partnerships, Protocolos & International Project Funding opportunities contact the Division for Internationalization, Culture and Regional Partnerships.


Mobility Office (NAM)

Division for Internationalization, Culture and Regional Partnership