International Student Statute

This special competition is aimed at students from outside of the European Union.


Applications to courses at NOVA FCSH under the International Student Statute (EEI) apply to:

  • Students who wish to study for an undergraduate degree at NOVA FCSH, entering into first year;
  • Students who had already started their undergraduate studies in another higher education institution and want to continue their studies at NOVA FCSH through accreditation of competences;
  • Students who have passed the Pre-University Semester and (SPU) a course provided by NOVA FCSH within the SPU.

Students who are not Portuguese citizens can apply to the Special Competition for Access and Admission for International Students, except for in the following cases:

  • they are nationals of an EU member state;
  • they are family of Portuguese citizens, or citizens of an EU member state, regardless of their own nationality, set out in the terms of Point e) of Article 2 of Law 37/2006, from 9th August;
  • Despite not being a citizen of an EU member state, and not being covered by the previous point, they have lived legally and uninterruptedly in Portugal for more than 2 years, on 1st January of the year in which they wish to enter higher education, as well as children living with them – residence time with residence permit for studying is not relevant in this case;
  • they are the beneficiary, on the 1st January of the year that they wish to enter higher education, of equal rights and duties awarded under the international treaty guaranteed between the Portuguese state, and the state of which they are a national;
  • they require entry to higher education through the special access and administration schemes governed by the Decree law 393-A/99, from 2nd October, and altered by the Decree law 272/2009, from 1st October.

Foreign students who attend a Portuguese higher education institution under a international mobility programme to carry out part of a study cycle from a foreign higher education institution, with which the Portuguese higher education institution has a exchange agreement of the same purpose, are not eligible to apply through the competition.

Application fee: 70€

The yearly fee set for undergraduate degrees for students under the EEI for the year 2020/2021 is 3500,00€.

As well as the fees, the following amounts are also owed (which must be paid on enrolment):

  1. School insurance – 2,50€
  2. Administrative costs – 35,00€.

This information does not dispense with reading Order No. 4504-A / 2019 – Regulation on registration, payment of fees and emoluments at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities NOVA University Lisbon (in Portuguese).

Steps Relevant dates
         2nd phase 
Applications 04.06.2020 to 12.07.2020
Release of results Until  17.07.2020
Enrolment 03.08.2020 to 31.08.2020
Start of classes Information available in our Academic Calendar page.
          1st phase
Applications 05 to 31.05.2020
Release of results Until 09.06.2020
Enrolment 26.06.2020 to 13.07.2020
Start of classes Information available in our Academic Calendar page.


The application is submitted to the Online Application Platform, on presentation of the following documents:

  1. Passport;
  2. Proof of completion of Portuguese secondary education, or equivalent, or documentary evidence of completion of high School or other means of entrance to higher education in the country of origin, validated by official bodies (e.g. Portuguese Consulate abroad or General Directorate for Higher Education in Portugal), mentioning the final grade, translated into Portuguese or English, when not emitted in one of these languages;
  3. Letter of Intention, written in Portuguese or English, which explains the reasons for carrying out an undergraduate degree at NOVA FCSH;
  4. Declaration of honour of compliance to higher education access requirements by means of the Statute, whose model is available on the NOVA FCSH site;
  5. Proof of proficiency in Portuguese or English at a minimum level B2, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  6. In the following cases, students are exempt from presenting this proof:
  • Applicants who are nationals of a country whose official language is English or Portuguese, as well as holders of secondary education qualifications (or equivalent) obtained in countries with Portuguese or English as an official language;
  • Applicants who have completed secondary education (or equivalent) in Portugal or in a school providing teaching in Portuguese or schools/countries that provide teaching in English.

Considering the constraints associated with COVID-19, declarations of honour attesting sufficient proficiency in Portuguese or English will be accepted for applications in pursuit of studying at NOVA FCSH.


Information concerning places for the second phase will be available soon. 


Application rating is made up of:

a)80% from the final grade from secondary education – proportionately converted to the 0 to 200 scale when expressed by another scale;

b) 20% from the rating given to the letter of intent.

Intermediate calculations are done without rounding, and the final result is rounded to the nearest whole number. Applicants will be sorted in descending order of application rating.

Entry is guaranteed to students who have passed the Pre-University Semester at Lisbon NOVA University and a course provided by NOVA FCSH under this programme.

Applicants can be accepted if they obtain a grade equal or greater than 95/200 in their application, as well as positive grades in each of the serialization criteria.

The final result is expressed in the following terms: placed or not placed. The ordered list is published in the application platform Inforestudante.

Results available for consultation at Inforestudante.

(Applications Menu, Classification List Tab)


The International Students & Exchange Office – NEIMA assists undergraduate applicants through the International Student Statute.



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