Isabel Oliveira Martins

Office: 203

Research unit: Centre for English Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies (CETAPS)

Research areas: American Literature and Culture Studies, Portuguese-American Studies, Anglo-Portuguese Studies, Translation Studies, American and British Travel Literature

2006Doctorate Anglo-Portuguese Studies, Specialty in American literature
  • (Re)Thinking Earth  
  • Heterolingualism, Translation and the (In)articulation of Grief in Portuguese-American Literature  
  • Anthony de Sa  
  • Brian Sousa  
  • Charles Reis Felix  
TitleFunding sourceStartState
Teaching in the above metioned areas since 1983
Participation in several national and international conferences
Member of two research groups (CETAPS and ULICES)
Supervision of several Masters thesis
Member of several Portuguese and international associations of literature, languages, translation and American Studies, namely APEAA, ESSE, EAAS, ABIL, and PSA.

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