The Masters in New Media and Web Practices is part of the set of master’s degrees offered by the Communication Sciences Department of NOVA FCSH. The Masters articulates arts, science and media technology, asserting its STE(A)M nature, and working in articulation with the digital infrastructure of NOVA FCSH, in particular with the digital innovation lab iNOVA Media Lab.

The Masters in New Media and Web Practices is aligned with the options of the strategy INCoDe2030, particularly as regards the current demands of digital transition and transformation in education and the professional world, as well as the digital innovation dimension of the National Strategy for Smart Specialization and the Community Framework 2021-2027, strengthening the transfer of knowledge and technology between academia and university.

The course is committed to internationalisation, offering various workshops taught by international guests and the possibility of undertaking study and research periods in partner institutions. The Masters also invests in the establishment of partnerships with companies in the creative and technological sector, particularly studios and seminars in the sectors of new media, audiovisual production, video game design, among others.

Joint initiatives are permanently established with the PhD in Digital Media, a partnership between the Nova University of Lisbon and the Universidade do Porto, ensuring the active participation of students in events, projects and networks.


The Masters in New Media and Web Practices aims to create a bridge between artistic, scientific and technological methodologies, and to generate possibilities for contemporary and future media. The Masters enables students to acquire and translate scientific and technological knowledge into real solutions for contemporary societies, coordinating research and development (R&D) institutions, communities and creative and cultural industries.

The specific goals of the Masters in New Media and Web Practices are:

  • To acquire specific skills – both technological and creative – within the framework of the migration of languages, applications and tools of interactive multimedia communication and new media devices to a digital reality, seeking to create practical, critical and reflective skills for the development of project work in Web areas;
  • To be capable of carrying out creative, innovative and experimental projects in the course's area of applied knowledge;
  • To be able to envisage their personal and professional development in articulation with the nature of the technically and scientifically relevant subjects, in the context of the emergence of new interactive media.

Curricular structure

Duration: 3 semesters Credits: 93 ECTS (60 in curricular units + 33 in the non-taught component)

Modalities of non-taught component: Dissertation, Project Work or Practical Work Experience with Report.

Number of credits on a free-choice basis: 20 credits (students may complete 20 credits in a free-choice regime in post-graduate level curricular units at NOVA FCSH or at other national or foreign higher education institutions, by means of a protocol).

The Master’s degree corresponds to Level 7 of the NQF and EQF - National Qualifications Framework/European Qualifications Framework.