The PhD in Language Teaching - Multilingualism and Education For Global Citizenship operates in a regime of b-learning, in association with the Open University (Universidade Aberta).


  • to understand and systematise theoretical knowledge about language teaching;
  • to develop research skills in specific methodologies in the areas of the specialty;
  • to conceive, design, develop and carry out original research work for each area of speciality;
  • to develop skills in analysing sources and documents, producing syntheses and critical reasoning in an innovative way;
  • to present and publicly communicate ongoing research work and/or its results in scientific, academic and social contexts;
  • to contribute to social and cultural development through the production and dissemination of work carried out in the field of language teaching;
  • to reflect on the ethical, social and cultural implications of the profession, in the context of the problems of the contemporary world and training for citizenship;
  • to apply pedagogical, didactic and methodological knowledge to the definition, management and critical evaluation of curricular plans and pedagogical practices.

Areas Of expertise

  • German Language Teaching (LE/L2)
  • French Language Teaching (LE/L2)
  • Spanish Language Teaching (LE/L2)
  • English Language Teaching (LE/L2)
  • Teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language (LE/L2)
  • Teaching Portuguese as a Native Language (L1)

Curricular structure

Duration: 6 semesters (3 years). Total Credits: 180 credits (60 in curricular units + 120 in the non-taught component).

Modalities of non-taught component: Thesis.

Number of credits on a free-choice basis: 10 credits. The free-choice seminar may be chosen from among the postgraduate courses offered at NOVA FCSH; by other departments of the Nova University of Lisbon, or by other Portuguese or foreign higher education institutions, by agreement or protocol.

The degree of Doctor corresponds to level 8 of the NQF/EQF - National Qualifications Framework/European Qualifications Framework.