CHAM - Centre for the Humanities (CHAM)

CHAM – Centre for the Humanities is an inter-University research unit of the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, and of the Universidade dos Açores, funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.

In recent years, CHAM has become one of the largest Portuguese research units within the Humanities. In a multi-cultural and collaborative environment, CHAM brings together researchers with training on different periods (from Antiquity to the Modern and Contemporary periods), several disciplinary fields ( Archaeology, Art History, Heritage, Literature, Philosophy and History of Ideas), and areas of History (Economic, Social, Cultural, Religious, Political, Scientific, History of Books and Reading Practices), as well as specialists in the history of different geographical areas.

Coordinator(s) Coordinators João Luís Lisboa (Director) Cristina Brito Susana Serpa Silva Leonor Santa Bárbara Isabel Gomes de Almeida João de Figueirôa-Rêgo Pablo Ibáñez Bonillo Isabel Araújo Branco Rui Manuel Loureiro Nina Vieira Last Evaluation FCT Very Good Email Phone 217 908 301 | 21 790 8 307 Website CHAM - Centre for the Humanities (CHAM) Science Manager(s) Executive Coordination - Alexandra Canaveira de Campos ( Financial Management - Inês Pinto Coelho ( Communication Management - Carla Veloso ( Communication Management - Multimédia - Henrique Duarte Editorial Coordination - Inês Cristóvão ( Library Management - Helder Mendes (