PsII+ - Psychology Guidance Department

NOVA FCSH provides a set of psychology centered services through an office called PsII+, which aims to enhance the integral development of students as well as the progressive growth of their personal and professional identities. Throughout the year, students can address the office if they need any asistance in organizing academic schedules as well as developing their skills or improving their well being.

SASNOVA Health Services

SASNOVA provides health services to students in order to enhance their well being. Through prior scheduling, any student can take advantage of medical appoitnments of general practice, psychiatry, psychologia and nutrition. In cooperation with student's grupos, the services also promote many tracking and awareness campaigns.

To extend the range of its expertise, SASNOVA have signed the following protocols:

  • A SAMS protocol that allows students to access medical services (in the terms established by the protocol) provided by the ‘Centro Clínico de Lisboa’ facilities (Rua Fialho de Almeida, nº 21, 1070-121 Lisboa) and by the Almada SAMS Clinic(Rua Bernardim Ribeiro, nº 6-B, 2800-027 Almada);
  • An Alfredo da Costa Maternity protocol, focused on medical assistance and specifically with female health services (gynecology and birth control appointments);
  • A ‘Centro de Medicina Desportiva’ (Sports Medical Centre) protocol made for carrying out medical exams and monitoring appointments that are related with the pratice of sports.

For furhter information check the page below:

Social Welfare Services (SASNOVA)

How to reach:

Serviços de Ação Social da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (SASNOVA)
Campolide Capus, Travessa Estevão Pinto
1099-032 Lisboa
Tel. +351 213 715 600

School's Insurance

From the moment this amount is paid, the student benefits from an insurance hired by NOVA FCSH, which refunds users with the expenses due for accidents on campus or on the usual route from home to the campus (or the other way around) during academic activities as well as study tours or other travels related to the student's academic plan.

In the event of an accident, students must fill in an ominous claim, whose form is made available at the entrace of NOVA FCSH or at the Student and Candidate Support Office. This form has to be signed and stamped by the school.

In this case, students can rely on the assistance of any hospital to receive proper health care. In order to ask for refund on pharmaceutical and clinical exam expenses, students must have in their posession the due medical prescriptions.

All documents related with the accident, namely medical reports, must be address to the Student and Candidate Support Office, so that these documentation can be forwarded to the insurance company.

The institution’s insurance policy rules out physical exercise or the practic of sports from these accident possibilities.


Insurance coverage (capital per person):

Death – 27500€
Permanent disability – 3000€
Treatment and repatriation expenses – 5000€
Student or trainee’s Civil Liability – 10000€
Institution’s Civil Liability – 25000€

Student and Candidate Support Office
1st floor, B Tower
21 790 83 00 | Ext. 1564


NOVA FCSH builds protocols with several institutions so that our community can take adavantage of exclusive perks.