College Council

It is a representative school council formed by 15 members: nine teachers or researchers, one student, four individuals that are external to the university and one non teacher and non researcher school worker. It is up to the Council, among other tasks, to elect and dissmiss the Dean, to aprove the school's statutes and their amendments, to present to the Dean the proper evaluation processes, to nominate management audits and to suggest endeavours that are considered necessary to the proper functioning of the institution.




Joana Gomes Cardoso


Teacher and researcher’s representatives



Student’s representative


João Afonso Louro de Carvalho – Licenciatura em História


Worker’s (non teacher and non researcher) representative


Pedro Manuel Coutinho Diniz de Sousa


External figures


  • Joana Gomes Cardoso
  • João Duarte Fernandes
  • Maria Helena Roseta
  • Ricardo Araújo Pereira


Management Council

The Management Council is the administrative, financial and human resources management body of NOVA FCSH. It is formed by the Dean, who presides over it; by the School's Executive Administrator; and by one to three members appointed by the Dean, among teachers, researchers and instituional personal.

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is a scientific management body formed by fifteen teachers and researchers, of whom twelve are elected members, representatives of a group of teachers and researchers, and three members who represent the research units attached to NOVA FCSH. It is up to the Scientific Council, among other tasks: to prepare and present a strategic scientific plan for the institution, to evaluate the scientific activities' plan, to make a statement on plans and reports presented by each department, to decide over the distribution of the teaching staff, by submitting it to the approval of the Dean, and to make statements abou the creation, amendment and extinction of cycles of studies.


The Pedagogical Council is a pedagogical management body formed by four representatives of the teaching staff and four members who represent the students (from every degree). The duties of the Pedagogical Council are, among others, to comment on pedagogical guidelines and teaching/evaluation methods, to promote the conduction of evaluation over the pedagogical performance (through regular inquiries), to analyse and disclose the results of said evaluation, to assess complaints concerning pedagogical issues and to apply the due procedures.

Teacher and researcher’s representative



student’s representative


  • José António de Sousa Pinho – Mestrado em Ciência Política e Relações Internacionais
  • Ana Raquel Curado Alves – Licenciatura em Geografia e Planeamento Regional
  • Catarina da Silva Oliveira – Licenciatura em Ciências Musicais
  • Pedro Alexandre Amendoeira Mendes – Doutoramento em Ciênciais Musicais


Student Council

The Student Council is a consultative body of NOVA FCSH in the subjects that directly concern the students' life. It is formed by the president of the Students' Union, by the student's representative at the College Council and by three elected members. The Dean can assess the Student Council with regard to the amendments on the conditions of service provision to students, as well as other issues the Dean finds appropriate. The Dean must also assess the Council for indiscipline and other obstacles to the academic life concerning students.

President of NOVA FCSH’s students’ union


José António de Sousa Pinho – Mestrado em Ciência Política e Relações Internacionais


Student elected for the college council


João Afonso Louro de Carvalho – Licenciatura em História 


Elected members


  • Álvaro Arroyo Baptista Alves – Licenciatura em Sociologia
  • Carolina Chora Alves – Licenciatura em Ciências da Comunicação
  • João Moreira Santos Lima – Mestrado em História


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