Paulo Jorge Fernandes

Office: B622

Research unit: Institute of Contemporary History (IHC)

Research areas: The "Long 19th Century", Political History, History of the Press

2007DoctorInstitutional and Political Contemporary HistoryFCSH-NOVA
  • CORDEIRO, José Manuel Lopes (2020), 1820: revolução liberal do Porto  
  • Humor Visual, Cartune Editorial e Protesto na América de Trump  
  • Impacte internacional do regicídio de D. Carlos  
  • A crise do liberalismo – 1890-1930  
  • O rei e o seu tempo  
TitleFunding sourceStartState
Assistant Professor at NOVA FCSH
Board Member of Instituto de História Contemporânea (IHC)
Coordinator of the research group "History, Territory and Environment" at IHC
History degree coordinator at NOVA FCSH (2013-2017)
Postdoctoral researcher at the IHC (2010-2012)
Postdoctoral researcher at the Instituto de Ciências Sociais (2008-2010)
Secretary of the Journal "Penélope. Revista de História e Ciências Sociais" (2001-2007)

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