The Masters in Performing Arts (MPA) has been developing a new kind of reflection on the performing arts, not treating them as literature. We will be focusing on the performative act that creates an unmistakeable poetics of the stage. We don't want to train actors or dancers or singers: we want to train artists.


  • To ensure research and academic training in a highly relevant and current interdisciplinary field that is still new to Portuguese universities.
  • To respond to the requests of performing arts professionals, as well as professionals in the area of communication who, in the exercise of their professional activity, are strictly related to the themes and problems of some or all of the performing arts.

Curricular structure

Duration: 3 semesters Credits: 93 ECTS

The Masters in Performing Arts is composed of six seminars, one of which is a free-choice which can be chosen from the 2nd cycle programme of NOVA FCSH.

The course is theoretical, with the exception of the Scenic Practices seminars (fully practical and usually taught by an internationally renowned teacher) and the Performing Spaces seminar (theoretical and practical) which have a strong practical component.

Students can choose a theoretical dissertation, internship (see index - Protocols) or a project (staging, choreographies, performances and written plays have been carried out in the past) as a final assignment. Both the internship and the project are accompanied by a written report.