The Masters in Journalism aims to train professionals for journalism-related activities, providing them with the essential tools of the profession, which include the analysis and reflection of the very processes of news construction.

The programme accepts graduates in all areas of knowledge who wish to acquire or deepen their knowledge in the field of Journalism.

In addition to teachers with relevant professional experience, the teaching staff also includes renowned professionals in the field, who are responsible for the seminars on specialized journalism.


  • To develop theoretical knowledge about mechanisms in the field of journalism;
  • To gain the know-how needed to apply the knowledge acquired and the ability to understand and solve problems in new and unfamiliar situations in broad multidisciplinary contexts by applying them to the development of a journalistic project, autonomously or inside an organisation.
  • To understand the challenges posed by the emergence of new technologies and by the changes under way in the entrepreneurial and professional fabric of the media and journalism fields;
  • To be able to report the findings of studies and projects, and the knowledge and reasoning behind them, both to experts and non-experts, in a clear and unambiguous manner;
  • To acquire mastery over journalistic discourses and the languages associated with the specificities of the various media;
  • To acquire knowledge that allows an understanding of the various processes of interaction between journalists and social factors in different fields of professional action.

Curricular structure

Duration: 3 semesters  Credits: 90 ECTS (60 in curricular units + 30 in non-taught component)

The Masters in Journalism is composed of two curricular semesters and one non-curricular semester, corresponding to the elaboration of a dissertation thesis, a professional project or undertaking practical work experience with report.

During the taught path, students must complete 5 curricular units in conditioned options of the area and 1 in free options.

Faculty staff

Traineeship protocols

The Masters in Journalism has protocols with the vast majority of Portuguese media outlets, in order to provide its students with curricular internships in the third semester