The Masters in English Didactics (e-learning regime) is the result of a partnership with Open University and its goals are:

  • to deepen knowledge in the field of teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL);
  • to promote digital literacy and intercultural communication by focusing on the two biggest challenges which society and schools face in recent times: the increasingly multilingual and multicultural dimension of societies and the development of new technologies;
  • to discover new methodologies in teaching English as a Foreign Language;
  • to promote the continuous training of teachers of English as a Foreign Language;
  • to mobilise and apply the scientific, cultural, pedagogical and didactic knowledge acquired to the production of teaching/learning and assessment activities which are appropriate to the specificities of the students and the school environments;
  • to reflect on the ethical, social and cultural implications of the profession in the context of the problems of the contemporary world and citizenship training;
  • to develop research skills for professional development.

Note: This course is a continuing training course for teachers of English, not a vocational masters. If you want a professional qualification to teach English, you should look for a Masters in teaching and consult the relevant legislation.

Curricular structure

Duration: 2 years / 3 semesters Total Credits: 90 ECTS (60 in curricular units + 30 in the non-taught component)

Modalities of non-taught component: Dissertation or Project Work.

Number of credits on a free-choice basis: 10 credits (students may complete 10 credits in a free-choice regime in post-graduate level curricular units at NOVA FCSH, at NOVA, or at other national or foreign higher education institutions, by means of a protocol).

Faculty staff