The Master’s in Anthropology has as its main goals the acquisition by the students of the following common knowledge and skills:

  • the theoretical knowledge and methodological and technical skills to undertake original anthropological research within the scope of the course;
  • the ability to apply the acquired knowledge and methodological skills in professional situations related to the areas under study and which require research and the processing of complex information.

Areas Of expertise

  • Visual Cultures 
  • Contemporary Issues 
  • Primatology and Environment

Curricular structure

Duration: 2 years / 4 semesters Credits: 120 ECTS 

Students complete 30 credits in the 1st semester and 30 credits in the 2nd semester. They may also complete 10 credits, in a free-choice regime, in post-graduate level curricular units of NOVA FCSH, of NOVA or of other national or foreign higher education institutions, by means of a protocol.

In the 3rd semester, after concluding the taught part of the masters, students will prepare a dissertation, project or practical work experience with report corresponding to a total of 60 credit units. The modalities and requirements of this final work should be appropriate to each specialization.


Faculty staff