NOVA Institute of Philosophy (IFILNOVA)

At this stage, IFILNOVA’s main goal is to develop research programs focused on the  philosophical investigation of values, particularly by investigating the nature of value,  the role of values in human action, as well as their normativity as constituted through public argumentation and reasoning in the ethical, political and aesthetic fields. The programs aim also to apply philosophical theories to social practices and problems.

In this regard, IFILNOVA has been achieving levels of excellence nationwide (having earned the ‘Excellent’ rating in the most recent assessment made by FCT) and international acknowledgment in such areas as the theories of argumentation, pragmatics and History of Philosophy (particularly regarding Nietzsche and Wittgenstein studies).

IFILNOVA is constituted by five laboratories which are under the responsability of the following researchers:

Dima Mohammed

Nélio Conceição

Susana Cadilha

Patrícia Castello Branco

Dissemination Lab
Gabriele De Angelis

Coordinator(s) Director - João Constâncio Vice-Director - Maria João Mayer Branco Members

59 integrated members

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