Centre for Research in Anthropology (CRIA)

The Center for Research Network in Anthropology (CRIA) is an interuniversity unit that has existed since 2007 and is organized in centers based on four university institutions – NOVA FCSH, ISCTE-IUL, Universidade de Coimbra e Universidade do Minho.

This articulated network operation allows each pole to develop its activities autonomously and everyone shares essential resources for the management, fundraising and dissemination of research, teaching and knowledge transfer activities, while also stimulating the mobility of CRIA researchers between different institutions.

The research developed at CRIA is organized around research groups that make up the center’s scientific nucleus and bring together researchers from different institutional clusters. These groups were formed from four specific research fields of the CRIA team: (1) Circulation and Production of Places, (2) Environmental Challenges, Sustainability and Ethnography, (3) Governance, Policies and Daily Life, and (4) Cultural Practices and Policies.

In addition, the thematic lines and work groups bring together researchers from the various research groups around specific research topics and contexts such as (1) Anthropology of Health, (2) Visual and Art Anthropology, (3) Studies in Arab and Islamic contexts, (4) Anthropology of Religion, and (5) Informal Resources, State and Social Capital.

Formally constituted as a research and development association, in accordance with the revision of its statutes carried out in 2014, CRIA’s corporate bodies are the Board, the Scientific Council, the General Assembly and the Fiscal Council.

Coordinator(s) President: Catarina Frois Vice-President: Sónia Vespeira de Almeida Secretary: Jorge Varanda Treasurer: Luís Cunha Member: Marta Prista Member: Inês Lourenço Etnographic Director: Humberto Martins Last Evaluation FCT Very Good Email cria@cria.org.pt Phone 918 832 012 Website Centre for Research in Anthropology (CRIA) Science Manager(s) Ana Carrapato - Science Management ana.carrapato@cria.org.pt Catarina Mira - Editorial Coordinator catarina.mira@cria.org.pt Maria João Seabra - Science Management maria.seabra@cria.org.pt Mariana Camacho - Science Management mariana.camacho@cria.org.pt Mafalda Melo - Science Communication mafalda.melo.sousa@cria.org.pt Soraia Barroso - Science Management soraia.barroso@cria.org.pt

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