Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (CICS.NOVA)

CICS.NOVA’s mission is the development of interdisciplinary research in social sciences, the promotion of critical thinking and the integration of knowledge generated in the communities in which it operates, nationally and internationally. CICS.NOVA assigns a particularly relevant role to teaching and advanced training, through the coordination and participation in various Doctoral, Masters and Open Courses programmes, and by hosting researchers in training. The center also contributes to the co-creation and transfer of knowledge in conjunction with policy makers, companies and other civil society organisations, particularly through the activities carried out by its Observatories and Laboratories. CICS.NOVA also encourages the dissemination and communication of science and knowledge, through a strong presence in the scientific community and in the public space. These axes of activity are guided by the interdisciplinary study of territorial systems and human behavior, the particularities of the functioning of institutions and their relations with the surrounding spatial and social contexts.

The members of CICS.NOVA are organized into Research Groups, which are led by their Coordinators. Research Groups are functional units of Researchers who develop their activity centered on issues and methodological approaches related to common themes. Each member is linked to only one Research Group.

There are six research groups that correspond to the axes of CICS.NOVA’s scientific activity:

1: Social Inequalities and Public Action

2: Citizenship, Work and Technology

3: Cities, Environment and Development

4: Modeling and Planning Systems

5: Health, Population and Well-being

6: Education, Knowledge and Culture

Coordinator(s) Director: Helena Maria Rocha Serra Coordination RG1: Dalila Cerejo Coordination RG2: Ricardo Campos Coordination RG3: Patrícia Pereira Coordination RG4: Teresa Santos Coordination RG5: Catarina Delaunay Coordination RG6: Liliana Pascueiro Coordination Universidade do Minho: Rodrigo Dominguez Coordination Universidade de Évora: Carlos Alberto Silva Coordination Universidade dos Açores: Pilar Medeiros Coordination Instituto Politécnico de Leiria: Cristóvão Margarido Members

152 integrated researchers

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