NOVA FCSH’s Innovation Centre focuses on supporting social sciences and humanities students and researchers on the creation of private and cooperative entities as well as social projects with a scientific basis, and to promote the share of knowledge between research units and stakeholders.

This is the first portuguese integrated project fully focused on social sciences and humanities,  distinguishing itself by empowering  participating students and researchers for project management in private, coopeartive and social sectors. To achieve this, the Centre features parnterships with Santander Universidades, NOVA’s Entreneurship Office and the cooperative ‘Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia Social (CASES)’.

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NOVA FCSH’s Innovation Centre

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The Innovation Centre has a programme of activities that is structured around groups of relevant steps for setting up a business: pitching ideas, training for the management of private, social or cooperative organizations; learning and conceptualizing a business plan as a team; awarding incentives to the best business plans. In addition to this structured programme, the Innovation Centre organizes events and promotes the release of relevant information regarding entrepeneurship.

The “Best Business Idea NOVA FCSH / Santander Universidades Competition” is aimed to encourage the development of new businness ideas in the framework of social sciences and humanities, among students, graduates, teachers, staff and researchers of the institution. The objective of the prize (1st place – 3000€ and 2nd place – 1000€) is that it functions as an initial investment to the development of an original and bold project, that has on its core the knowledge produced by social sciences and humanities.


  • Santander Universidades

NOVA FCSH Business Plan


Named “Creating and Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures“, the initiative was created by NOVA’s Entrepeneurship Office and it is a curricular module free of charge (in the 2nd semester)that has the objective of boosting the entrepeneurial spirit of NOVA’s students.

It seeks to supply participants with the appropriate tools to create a businness, by addressing basic principles of entrepeneurship and business management through practical application.

Attendees are divided by mulidisciplinary teams consisting of members from diffferent schools/units of NOVA and work for the presentation of a final business plan.




This short course has defined as its main goals to:

  • Develop an analysis on business opportunities;
  • Get to know the support tools for developing a business idea:
  • Guide students towards an innovative, entrepeneur and intrapeneur mindset;
  • Identify key points to include in a business plan (identifying the problem-solution fit, financial analysis, benchmarking, objectives and viability);
  • Develop communication skills and the ability to speak in public (set up an elevator pitch);
  • Support applications to the ‘Best Business Idea Competition’.



Entrepeneurship and Innovation;

Business Model Canvas;

Business Plan;

Marketing Plan;

Financial plan;

Legal issues to create a business;

Pitch presentation.