The PhD in International Relations aims to provide an advanced up-to-date training with the following goals:

  • to provide an updated understanding of the theoretical problems and analytical traditions of International Relations, allowing the students to participate critically in the main national and international debates of this disciplinary area;
  • to develop methodological competences, in the specific domain of International Relations, either at the level of the conceptualisation and operationalisation of research problems, or at the level of the collection, systematisation and processing of data;
  • to deepen competences in the areas of scientific specialization offered in the EDC in International Relations, namely through the active integration of students in concrete research projects underway in the Research Units of NOVA FCSH or in other institutions associated with the EDC;
  • to train for an autonomous research practice, leading to a doctoral thesis that presents original and innovative results, and which contributes to the advance of knowledge in the respective specialization and publishable nationally and/or internationally;
  • to enable students to communicate research procedures and results through the presentation of conference papers and publication of articles in peer-reviewed academic journals;
  • to train students to respond, with competence and professional rigour, to the challenges of the contemporary world and active citizenship, in both the academic and/or professional context.

Areas Of expertise

  • History and Theory of International Relations
  • Globalisation and Environment
  • Security Studies and Strategy
  • Political Area Studies

Curricular structure

Duration: 8 semesters. Total Credits: 240 credits (60 in curricular units + 180 in the non-taught component).

Modalities of non-taught component: Thesis.

Number of credits on a free-choice basis: 10 credits. The free-choice seminar may be chosen from among the postgraduate courses offered at NOVA FCSH; by other departments of the Nova University of Lisbon, or by other Portuguese or foreign higher education institutions, by agreement or protocol.

The degree of Doctor corresponds to level 8 of the NQF/EQF - National Qualifications Framework/European Qualifications Framework.