Giving continuity to the Masters in Human Ecology and Contemporary Social Problems, a course of Advanced Studies in Human Ecology was created in the 2009/10 academic year. Thus, in the academic year 2010/11 the 1st Doctoral Course and the 13th Master's Course in this scientific area began.

The PhD in Human Ecology aims at the advanced training of graduates and masters in the areas of Social and Human Sciences and of graduates and masters from other fields who wish to acquire or deepen their knowledge in this area from a multidisciplinary perspective. It offers a continuity of training and deepening of knowledge for all those who have completed the NOVA FCSH Masters in Human Ecology and Contemporary Social Problems, or in related areas, and who wish to proceed to the 3rd cycle.

The course is structured with the aim of preparing students to obtain a doctoral degree by acquiring the necessary skills to enable them both to develop research projects in the scientific branch of Human Ecology and to make more informed decisions in the context of their activity.


It is intended that students will:

  • acquire autonomy and the ability to investigate a given topic, linking the ecological perspective with other social sciences;
  • are able to combine theoretical and methodological knowledge to design innovative research projects that operationalise research problems;
  • are able to outline and manage, in an integrated and evolutionary way, an advanced level research project;
  • to enhance the ability to issue opinions and critical judgements, including reflections on the ethical and social implications and responsibilities, in the referred field of research;
  • to prepare students to solve problems in broad contexts and complex and innovative circumstances.

Curricular structure

Duration: 8 semesters. Total Credits: 240 credits (60 in curricular units + 180 in the non-taught component).

Modalities of non-taught component: Thesis.

Number of credits on a free-choice basis: 10 credits. The free-choice seminar may be chosen from among the postgraduate courses offered at NOVA FCSH; by other departments of the Nova University of Lisbon, or by other Portuguese or foreign higher education institutions, by agreement or protocol.

The degree of Doctor corresponds to level 8 of the NQF/EQF - National Qualifications Framework/European Qualifications Framework.