Start of the new academic year: Shuttle Operation

During the next academic year, NOVA FCSH will continue to provide a free transportation service – the Shuttle – between its two locations: Avenida de Berna and Colégio Almada Negreiros, in Campolide.

Each trip is direct and takes approximately 10 minutes. The starting point on Avenida de Berna will be the CARRIS bus stop in front of the main entrance. In Colégio Almada Negreiros, the starting point will be next to the Entrance Hall on Rua da Mesquita, the same as in the last school year.

The first bus of the day leaves Campolide at 09.35 and the last one leaves Avenida de Berna at 17.50. The shuttle will operate during the academic term from Monday to Friday and is free of charge for the whole community. For proof, students must show their student card (available virtually through the platform InforEstudante). Professors, researchers and staff can use their business card or request a statement from the faculty.


Other ways to get from Campolide to Avenida de Berna

In addition to the shuttle, it is possible to travel between the two spaces of NOVA FCSH on foot, by bicycle or by bus.