We create and convey knowledge about the structures, practices, and meanings of the society in which we live in; on societies, institutions and organisations; groups and communities, solidarities and conflicts.

We want to help train conscientious and intervening citizens, skilled professionals, and creative researchers. Therefore, we teach how to know, apply and investigate in Sociology, taking into account the demographic, ecological and geographical, historical, political and cultural dimensions of the social; as well as various ways of scientific and professional application – including optional internships in bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Our students belong to the largest school of Social Sciences and Humanities in the country. Therefore, we open the doors to the diversification of trainings. According to their interests, all students of the Department of Sociology can carry out part of their studies in any other course of the College, in NOVA courses, or in international mobility in our Erasmus partners.

In addition to the young public, who seeks to prepare for active life and the continuation of studies, we also want to respond to the aspirations of workers who want to develop their knowledge, skills, and qualifications. Therefore, we have also created offers in post-work hours and we carefully credit in our training the skills acquired throughout life, according to their suitability to the different cycles of studies.








The Sociology Department is associated with three research units.

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