NOVA FCSH’s students, teachers, researchers and staff have a Google account, that has the school’s domain ( for all staff and for students).

The institutional email address consists of the username according to the FCSH ID followed by (for students) or (for staff).

In order to use your institutional you must:

a) Access;

b) In the user field:

– If you’re a student enter the following: <FCSH ID User> – for example,
– If you’re a staff member or teacher enter: <FCSH ID User> – for example,

c) In the Password field, enter the same password of your FCSH ID.

Email Address Customization

By sending an e-mail to, you can request your email address customization, which consists in an “alias” that has your name associated with an account(for example,,, etc.). Email address customization allows sending and receiving e-mails from third parties only through this personalized address. Please note that this custom address does not replace the original address as a username or login for the applications (which remains always, in our example,

Configuração do email da NOVA FCSH em programas de
 e-mail (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.)

The NOVA FCSH e-mail address can be used on email clients such as Outlook or Mac Mail or other email clients available on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. To configure your email, please use the following data:

IMAP server: – port 993 / SSL
SMTP server: – port 465 or 587 / SSL – use the same settings used for the incoming server.

For more detailed setup instructions, check this link.