The PhD in Education is a programme offered by the Nova University of Lisbon (School of Science and Technology and Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities) in association with the ISPA (Institute of Applied Psychology).


The Doctorate in Education is awarded to students who:

a) Demonstrate capacity for systematic understanding of issues and problems of research in the educational sciences;

b) Demonstrate a command of educational research methodologies;

c) Demonstrate a mastery of reflexive learning, critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas;

d) Communicate with peers, with the academic community and with society in general, on educational issues and problems, with clarity of ideas and arguments, contributing to the development of a knowledge-based society.

Additionally, the degree of Doctor of Education will be conferred after the writing and defence of the doctoral thesis to students who:

e) Have carried out original research that contributes to broadening the frontiers of knowledge and of which part merits national or international dissemination in peer-reviewed publications.

Areas Of expertise

  • Education, Society and Development;
  • Educational Innovation;
  • Psychology and Education;
  • Adult Education and Training;
  • Literacies and Education;
  • Teacher Training and Supervision.

Curricular structure

Duration: 3 years/ 6 semesters. Total Credits: 180 credits (60 in curricular units + 120 in the non-taught component).

Modalities of non-taught component: Thesis.

The degree of Doctor corresponds to level 8 of the NQF/EQF - National Qualifications Framework/European Qualifications Framework.


Faculty staff