José Eduardo Ventura

Office: C108

Research unit: Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (CICS.NOVA)

Research areas: Climatology, Water resources, Environmental and global changes, Land use changes, Cliimatic and hydrologic extreme events

DoctorateFaculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (FCSH)Geografia e Planeamento Regional n
  • Bacias hidrográficas luso-espanholas  
  • Turismo em Sintra  
  • Alterações climáticas e educação ambiental  
  • The bioclimatic (dis) comfort and summer thermal paroxysms in Continental Portugal  
  • Alterações Climáticas e Educação Ambiental – Ferramenta Pedagógica para a prática  
TitleFunding sourceStartState
Professor at FCSH
Research on e-Geo in the areas of environment and natural resources
Coordination of DGPR/FCSH
Adaptation of the 1st and 2nd cycles of DGPR/FCSH to the Bologna Process
Auditor of the National 12th school grade Geography Exams