Rui Zink

Office: 0.10

Research areas: Editing and publishing, Portuguese literature, Literature

DoctorateUniversidade NOVA de LisboaEstudos Portugueses
  • O avô tem uma borracha na cabeça  
  • The man Who Shot Ana Hatherly  
  • Desculpe, não vi  
  • Escutando o último negreiro  
  • Political Fiction or the Art of the Deal  
Information not yet updated.
Endowed Chair in Portuguese Studies - Univ. Massachussetts Dartmouth (2009)
Coordinator of the M.A. program in Text Editing and Publishing (2006-2008)
Writer in Residence at Middlebury College, Vermont
Designer of the discipline of Marginal Literatures in the FCSH-UNL
Creative writing courses teacher since 1990

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