Pedro Cortesão Casimiro

Office: Laboratório de Geografia - Gabinete D001

Research unit: Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (CICS.NOVA)

Research areas: Abandono Rural, Despovoamento, Territórios de Baixa Densidade, Uso do solo, Recursos Naturais, Degradação Ambiental, Antropoceno, Ecologia da Paisagem

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2002DoctorateDepartamento de Geografia e Planeamento Regional (DGPR)Geografia e Planeamento Regional - Novas Tecnologias em Geografia
1994MasterDepartamento de Geografia e Planeamento Regional (DGPR)Geografia e Planeamento Regional
1989BachelorDepartamento de Geografia e Planeamento Regional (DGPR)Geografia e Planeamento Regional
1987British Council LisboaProficiency in English
  • Alterações Climáticas  
  • Geoprivacidade, pegada digital e vida online…  
  • Land use and Topography Influences on Wildfire Occurrence in Northern Portugal  
  • Estrutura, composição e configuração da Paisagem, Conceitos e princípios para a sua quantificação no âmbito da Ecologia da Paisagem  
  • Monitoring of landscape evolution in Mértola – Portugal, 1985, 1995 and 2001, using Landsat images and landscape metrics  
TitleFunding sourceStartState
Research Assistant in the project “Desertification and climatic variability in the Southeast of Spain and Portugal”, EEC EPOCH Program, in cooperation with the Universities of Bristol and Murcia, 1988-1991Completed
Research assistant in the Medalus Project - Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use - Environment Programme EU (1991-99)Completed
Research assistant in the DESERTLINKS Project, European Union Programme under FW 5, to support the National Committees of the UNCCD (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification) Annex IV Countries, 2001-2004Completed
Research assistant in the LADAMER (Land Degradation Assessment in the Mediterranean Europe), European Union, 2002-2005, Programme of the European Union, GMES Action Plan (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security)Completed
Team Leader of the DeSUrvey Project ((A Surveillance System for Assessing and Monitoring Desertification), FW 6 – Global Change and Ecosystems, 2005 - 2010Completed
Researcher of the INTERREG (III Communitarian Framework, U.E.) – Montado Project, “Development of an Information System for the Environmental and Economic Management of the «Dehesa / Montado» ecosystem in the Spanish Extremadura and Alentejo in Portugal, 2004-2007Completed
Project PAM's Innovation: Extensive systems and erosion control, (Medicinal and aromatic plants) financed by the PRODER Program, 2014 – 2016Completed
Project AdaptforChange – Improving the success of reforestation in semiarid areas: Climate Change Scenario Adaptation, 01 January 2015 / 30 April 2016. Financed by the Portuguese Environment Agency, eeagrantCompleted
Consulter – Leader of an IFAD Mission (International Fund for Agriculture Development – United Nations), to East Timor during August 2005, to develop a Medium Sized Project, “Land Degradation – Watershed Management”, from GEF (Global Environment Facility
Field validation of slope mass movements susceptibility on the Alenquer Municipality. Services to the community through Spatial Dynamics Institute, FCSH-UNL, July 2009