Maria Teresa Cruz

Office: B506

Maria Teresa Cruz is Associate Professor at the Communication Sciences Department of NOVA University of Lisbon teaching in the fields of contemporary art and culture, media aesthetics and image theory. She was director of the Research Center on Communication and Language (2012-2015) and founder of Interact – Journal of Art, Culture and Technology that she directed between 2000-2006. She is now a member of the Research Group on Culture, Media and Arts of the NOVA Institute of Communication in the fields of contemporary culture, digital studies, post-media aesthetics and media ecology. Her recent projects have focused on contributory culture, intercultural dialogue, and digital mediation of cultural heritage. Books: A Modernidade Estética. Uma arqueologia do sensível (2020); Media Theory and Cultural Technologies (Org. 2017); Novos Media – Novas Práticas (Org. 2011).

Areas of Research: contemporary culture, digital studies and media ecology, post-media aesthetics, intercultural dialogue and contributory culture.

Research areas: Media Aesthetics and MediaTheory, Contemporary Arts and Post-media Arts, Image Theory, Cultural Techniques and Heritage, |Participation and Contributive Culture

1999DoctorateFaculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (FCSH)Art and communication
  • Media Ecology and Cognition  
  • Storytelling as Media Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue in Post‐Colonial Societies  
  • A universidade e o desafio das humanidades digitais  
  • A Modernidade Estética  
  • On Politics, Education and Art  
TitleFunding sourceStartState
Images and Narratives: Portugal | Africa (DGArtes - 2015-2016), Principal InvestigatorCompleted
Post-Media Aesthtics: Expanded Cinema (CECL - 2014-2016), Principal InvestigatorCompleted
Interpretative Center Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation - 2013-2014), Script and Communication Design CoordinatorCompleted
CÔA Museum, Vale do Côa Rock Art - World Heritage) (Ministry of Culture - 2008-2010) - Museological Communication CoordinatorCompleted
Trends of Portuguese Network Culture (FCT - 2002-2006), Coordinator of the Section "Technological Arts and the Internet in Portugal"Completed
Digital Culture (CECL - 1999), Principal ResearcherCompleted
Lisbon_Inter@ctivities (CECL/ Lisbon Town House - 1997), CoordinatorCompleted
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