Amélia Frazão-Moreira

Office: A406

Research unit: Centre for Research in Anthropology (CRIA)

Research areas: Environmental Anthropology, Ethnobotany / Ethnobiology / Ethnoecology, African contexts

DoctorateInstituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)Social Anthropology
  • Antropologia  
  • Consultoria sobre os APAC na Guiné-Bissau. Valorizemos as Áreas e Territórios do Património Autóctone e Comunitário na Guiné-Bissau  
  • Entre predadores  
  • Geografías zoonóticas  
  • Developing an Evidence-Based Coexistence Strategy to Promote Human and Wildlife Health in a Biodiverse Agroforest Landscape  
TitleFunding sourceStartState
"Chimpanzee tool-use in Guinea-Bissau and behavioural complexity" (FCT-EXPL/IVC-ANT/0997/2013) (2014), team memberCompleted
“Where humans and chimpanzees meet: assessing sympatry throughout Africa using a multi-tiered approach" (FCT-PTDC/CS-ANT/121124/2010, 2012-2015), team memberCompleted
“Avaliação da atitude social da população em áreas de reintrodução do lince e determinação de temas chave no território português” [“Assessment of the social attitude of the population in areas of reintroduction of lynx and determination of key themes in Portuguese territory”], funded by Associação Iberlinx, LIFE IBERLINCE (LIFE+NATUREZA 10 NAT/ES/000570 IBERLINCE para a “Recuperação da distribuição histórica do Lince ibérico (Lynx pardinus) em Espanha e Portugal) (2014-2015); CoordinationCompleted
“Portuguese Castles aboard II. Heritage, Tourism and Portuguese cultural cooperation in African contexts", (FCT-PTDC/HAH/67235/2006 (2007-2011); team member. Case study– “Rhetoric and conceptions of nature and animals in colonial and post-colonial times (Mozambique)”.Completed
“Ethnobotany of the Northeastern Region of Portugal: local knowledge, plants and uses”, (FCT-POCI/ANT/59395/2004) (2005-2009); CoordinationCompleted
"Chimpanzee distribution and relation with local human communities in coastal area of Guinea-Bissau" (FCT-POCI/ANT/57434/2004 (2005-2009); team member.Completed
"Portuguese castles abroad. Heritage and cultural co-operation between Portugal and the arab-islamic countries" (FCT-POCTI/ANT/48629/2002) (2004-2006); team member. Case study - "The Arabic gum. From the caravans to the modern appropriation in a Mauritania oasis".Completed
UNESCO Expert – Member of the Evaluation Body - Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage - cycles 2015-2018.
President of CRIA (Center for Research in Anthropology), Portugal (October 2012- October 2015)
Member of CRIA's Executive Board. Coordinator of FCSH/Nova's network (2009-2012)
Coordinator of Master in Anthropology: Nature and Conservation, FCSH/Nova (2008-2016)
Invited Professor in Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain (Master - Investigación Social aplicada al Medio Ambiente) (2010-2013)