José Manuel Viegas Neves

Office: B622

Research unit: Institute of Contemporary History (IHC)

Research areas: Cultural History, Cultural Studies and Nationalism Studies, History of Political Thought and Social Movements, Historiography and Theory of History, History of Communism, History and Sociology of Sports

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  • Amílcar Cabral e as Suas Vidas Póstumas  
  • From the Writing of Diaries Under Stalin to the German and Soviet Experience of the Eastern Front  
  • Partido Comunista Português, 1921-2021  
  • Análise de Alguns Tipos de Resistência.  
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Coordinator of the Research Line on Power, Culture and Ideas, at the Institute for Contemporary History of the New University of Lisbon
Assistant Director of the journal Análise Social
Visiting Professor at King's College Univesity of London Department of History Fall semester 2011
Scientific Director of the Exhibition Povo-People, held by Fundação EDP (2010)
Post-Doctoral Researcher at Institute for Social Sciences - University of Lisbon (2008-2009)