Sandra M. G. Pinto

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Sandra M.G. Pinto is a contracted researcher at the FCSH, NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal in the CHAM – Centre for the Humanities. She is an architect (2002) and holds an MSc degree (2007) and a PhD degree (2012) from the University of Coimbra. She was a post-doctoral researcher at the CHAM (2013-2019).

Her main research interests include the history of Portuguese architecture and urbanism, history of building regulation, construction history, history of urban cartography and urban heritage.

Currently, she develops the individual research project titled “History of the Portuguese building regulations”.

She also participates as a co-principal investigator in the project “PTBUILDS19_20: Portugal Builds – Digital knowledge platform for Portugal Construction History, 19th and 20th centuries” (PTDC/ART-DAQ/28984/2017) and as a researcher in the project “TechNetEMPIRE: Tecnoscientific Networks in the construction of the built environment in the Portuguese Empire (1647-1871)” (PTDC/ART-DAQ/31959/2017), both financed by FCT.

Research unit: Centre for the Humanities (CHAM - NOVA FCSH)

2012DoctorateUniversidade de Coimbra Architecture (Theory and History of Architecture)
2007MasterUniversidade de Coimbra Architecture, Territory and Memory
2001BachelorUniversidade de Coimbra Architecture
  • Direito, Construção e Ambiente  
  • Ius commune and juridical conflicts in the early-modern almotaçaria of Lisbon on construction laws and disputes between neighbours  
  • Ius commune e ius consuetudinarium no direito de edificar junto ao muro urbano na Lisboa medieval  
  • A influência do Fuero Real na almotaçaria de Lisboa  
  • As Advertencias de Valério Martins de Oliveira ou o manual dos mestres pedreiros e carpinteiros portugueses no período moderno  
TitleFunding sourceStartState
2013-02-012019-01-31Postdoctoral Fellow
2008-02-012012-01-31PhD Fellow
2005-11-012007-12-31Architect of the "Gabinete de Candidatura à UNESCO" - Universidade de Coimbra - Projeto Especial
2003-09-012005-09-30Senior Architect of the "Levantamento arquitetónico, património cultural e do edificado e constituição do sistema de informação do processo para a reabilitação urbana e social da Baixa de Coimbra" - Universidade de Coimbra
2001-09-102003-10-31Tutor (University teacher)

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