Research unit: Centre for the Humanities (CHAM - NOVA FCSH)

Research areas: Greek colonization, Phoenician colonization, Hellenistic Egypt, Iberian-Phoenician relations, Archaic Greece, Classical Greece, Athenian Empire, Herodotus, Phoenicians in Atlantic Iberia, Egyptology, Egyptian archaeology, Greek archaeology, Roman archaeology, Phoenician archaeology, Cultural anthropology, Punic-Phoenician, Egyptian Hieroglyphic, Coptic, Egyptian Demotic, Egyptian Hieratic, Koine Greek, Classic Greek

2010DoctorateUniversity of BaselEgyptology
2005MasterUniversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro History
  • A Presença Fenícia no Sudoeste Ibérico  
  • Actas do Simpósio Internacional «Migration and Colonization in the Mediterranean during the first Millennium BCP  
  • Aegyptiaca  
  • Ancient Egyptian Collections in Portuguese Museums  
  • A XXVI Dinastia e as suas relações com o Egeu  
TitleFunding sourceStartState
2012-01-012017-12-31Post Doctoral Fellow

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