Jelena Novak

Jelena Novak is a researcher at CESEM (Center for Study of the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music), FCSH, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Her fields of interests are modern and contemporary music, recent opera and musical theatre, music and new media, capitalist realism, voice studies in the age of posthuman and feminine identities in music. Exploring those fields, she works as a researcher, lecturer, writer, dramaturge, music critic, editor and curator focused on bringing together critical theory and contemporary art.

Research unit: Centre for Sociology and Musical Aesthetics (CESEM - NOVA FCSH)

2012DoctorateUniversity of AmsterdamMusicology, Cultural Analysis
2004MasterBelgrade University of ArtsArt Theory and Theory of Media
2001BachelorBelgrade University of ArtsMusicology
  • Music Beyond Human  
  • Eight, aus Licht, and The Unbearable Lightness of Being Immersed in Opera  
  • Einstein on the Beach  
  • Historia Einsteinalium  
  • Introduction  
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