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V-Dem Southern Europe


The V-Dem Regional Center for Southern Europe conducts research on the causes and consequences of democracy and democratization in the region, using the Varieties of Democracy dataset, and combining it with historical research. Until 2020 the center will pursue the following research projects: 1) a comparative study of patterns of democratic quality in France, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal since the late 1960s to the present; 2) the causes of Southern European democratization during the twentieth century, within a cross-regional analysis; 3) the long-run consequences of democratic institutions for human welfare, economic development, and social and political trust.


'Variedades de Democracia na Europa do Sul (1968-2016): uma comparação entre Espanha, França, Grécia, Itália e Portugal (PDF download)

Org.‎ Tiago Fernandes

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Legacies and Memories in Movements: Justice and Democracy in Southern Europe

Authors: Donatella della Porta,‎ Massimiliano Andretta,‎ Tiago Fernandes,‎ Eduardo Romanos,‎ Markos Vogiatzoglou

Oxford Studies in Culture and Politics
Oxford University Press. April 2018

Variedades de Democracia na Europa do Sul, 1968-2016: Uma Comparação entre Espanha, França, Grécia, Itália e Portugal

Author: Tiago Fernandes

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Comparative Politics, Special Issue: Civil Society and Democracy in an Era of Inequality, Volume 49, Number 3, April 2017

Editors: Michael Bernhard, Tiago Fernandes, Rui Branco

Late Neoliberalism and its Discontents in the Economic Crisis: Comparing Social Movements in the European Periphery

Authors: Donatella della Porta, Massimiliano Andretta, Tiago Fernandes, Francis O'Connor, Eduardo Romanos, Markos Vogiatzoglou

Palgrave Macmillan. 1st ed. November 2016

Working papers

Measuring Political Participation in Southern Europe: The Varieties of Democracy Approach

Authors: Tiago Fernandes, João Cancela, Michael Coppedge, Staffan I. Lindberg and Allen Hicken

Varieties of Democracy Institute: Working Paper No. 15. November 2015


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