Data: 24 a 28 Ago
Horário: 10h00 to 11h30 and 12h00 to 13h30
Duração: 15h
Área: Educação e Ensino
Docente responsável: Elsa De Luca
Docente: Elsa De Luca
Acreditação pelo CCPFC: Não
This course wil be taught on-line
This course wil be taught on-line




‘Publish or perish’ is a well-known say that gives a sense of the kind of expectations researchers should meet to survive in academia. But what makes a paper a ‘good paper’? How do you make it through peer review? This course aims to provide the essential knowledge and training for academic writing in English for international students and early career researchers. The aim of this course is to empower students by providing them with the essential academic writing skills, e.g. choosing the most appropriate style of writing, evaluating information, logical organisation of the ideas, referencing in the correct way the work by others (and avoid plagiarism), arguing, and using the correct punctuation.




The following items will be covered during the course:

  • Some grammar rules and conventions concerning academic writing (e.g. using passive voice judiciously, when to capitalise a noun, etc.).
  • Citation styles.
  • How to write using more formal language.
  • Asking a strong research question.
  • Planning a paper: write with clarity and avoid any ambiguity.
  • Basic outline: choosing and ordering points; breaking sections into smaller parts.
  • How to structure a paragraph: communicate complex ideas in a way that makes them least likely to be challenged.
  • Connection between ideas.
  • Responding to others’ arguments.
  • Engaging the audience.
  • Writing the conclusion.
  • Editing. Proofreading.

This course requires the active participation of the attendees, there will be exercises, tests, and plenty of space for discussion on writing habits of successful academics.




  • Bailey, Stephen, Academic Writing. A Handbook for International Students, Routledge; third edition (2011).
  • Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, Joseph Bizup and William T. Fitzgerald, The Craft of Research, University of Chicago Press; fourth edition (2016).
  • Walter W. Powell, Getting Into Print: The Decision-Making Process in Scholarly Publishing, University of Chicago Press (1985).
  • Helen Sword, With Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write, Harvard University Press (2017).
  • Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, University of Chicago Press; eighth edition (2013).




The course has no specific prerequisites but don’t forget to bring pen and paper with you!




Elsa De Luca is Researcher at CESEM – NOVA FCSH University of Lisbon, where she is currently pursuing palaeographical research into Iberian medieval notation. In addition, Elsa is co-director of the book series Musicalia Antiquitatis & Medii Aevi, published by Brepols; she is Administrative Chair (2020) and member of the Board of the Music Encoding Initiative (2019-21), and Coordinator of the Portuguese Early Music Database. Elsa De Luca holds a PhD in Historical Musicology (Università del Salento, 2011) and a Piano Diploma (2002). She has published articles on the notation, cryptography, and liturgy in Iberian manuscripts (10th – 16th cent.), and on the music and liturgy in some French manuscripts (13th – 14th cent.). She has collaborated in international research projects in Italy, France, Portugal, the UK, and Canada.

  • Centro Luís Krus – Formação ao Longo da Vida
  • Cursos da Escola de Verão (EV)

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