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Modern Literatures and Cultures

Scientific area

Literary Studies; Cultural Studies; Comparative Literary Studies.



Literature; Culture; Comparative Studies.



The aim of this Doctoral Programme is to prepare students to undertake research at advanced level, in order to qualify Phd holders who will be able to develop knowedge in these fields of study and contribute to the development, dissemination and transfer of knowledge in national and international contexts.


Educational Objetives

a) To acquire and systematize theoretical knowledge in the fields of Literary Studies, Cultural Studies and Comparative Studies;

b) To develop research skills in the above mentioned fields of study;

c) To undertake and develop research at advanced level in the above mentioned fields of study;

d) To undertake significant, original and innovative research work which will contribute to broaden scientific knowledge;

e) To develop skills to analyse sources and documents, produce summaries and critical thought;

f) To be able to present work in progress / or its results in scientific, academic and social contexts;

g) To contribute towards social and cultural development by producing and disseminating the work carried out.




Study Plan

This programme is structured into two components: a taught PhD course which corresponds to 60 credits; the completion of a PhD thesis which corresponds to 180 credits. To complete a PhD, students must obtain 30 credits in the first semester and 30 credits in the second semester, as follows:

a) 20 credits correspond to the completion of two mandatory units of training for research;

b) 10 credits correspond to a seminar on the specialization area in which the student wishes to write his doctoral thesis;

c) 10 credits correspond to one free course unit at PhD level, or a research seminar;

d) 20 credits correspond to a final research project in Modern Literatures and Cultures.


The completion of a PhD course leads to the award of a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Modern Languages and Cultures. The completion of a PhD thesis, after its successful defense, leads to the award of a PhD degree in Modern Literatures and Cultures in one of the following specialized fields of study to be chosen by the student: Literary Studies, Cultural Studies or Literary Comparative Studies.


Schedule 2016-2017

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18.00 to 20.00.


Teaching Staff

Carlos Ceia

Teresa Pinto-Coelho

Alda Correia

Ana Gonçalves Matos

Ana Maria Bernardo

João Paulo Ascenso Pereira da Silva

Ana Paiva Morais

Clarisse  Costa Afonso

Fernando Clara

Fernando Ribeiro

Gabriela Fragoso

Gabriela Gândara

Iolanda Ramos

Isabel Araújo Branco

Isabel Oliveira Martins

Margarida Gouveia Esperança Pina e Saraiva de Reffóios,

Maria da Conceição Castel-Branco

Miguel Nuno Mercês de Mello de Alarcão,

Nuno Júdice

Rogério Puga

Teresa  Botelho

Teresa Sousa de Almeida

Zulmira Castanheira


Access Conditions

In order to be admitted to a doctoral programme, the candidate should meet the requirements set forth in Portuguese legislation and in the normative conditions of the UNL, as well as fulfil at least one of the following requirements: a) hold a master degree, or a legal equivalent; hold a BA degree (licenciatura) and a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum recognized by the Academic Board of the FCSH as testifying to the candidate´s ability to undertake this programme; c) possess an academic, scientific or professional curriculumrecognized by the Academic Board of the FCSH as testifying to the candidate´s ability to undertake this programme.


Candidatures | Vacancies | Cost

To learn more about these topics, visit the Applications page (Portuguese).


Investigation Centres


CETAPS - Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies - FCSH Branch

IHC - Institute of Contemporary History

IELT - Traditional Literature Research Institute



Doctorate Section:

Modern Languages, Cultures and Literature Departments Secretariat:

Telephone: +351 217908375


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