Maria Margarida Marques

Research unit: Portuguese Institute of Internacional Relations (IPRI)

Research areas: migration, participation, development, institutions

  • 45 Anos de Democracia  
  • Posfácio  
  • Qual o impacto da imigração no país de acolhimento?  
  • Educação intercultural, minorias e descendentes de imigrantes  
  • Imigração e indústria da diversidade. O caso da "Lisboa africana"  
TitleFunding sourceStartState
2013-2015 Member of DIVERSE (Diversity Improvement as a Viable Enrichment Resource for Society and Economy), grant HOME/2012-2013/EIFX/CA/CFP/4000004248, a project funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals 2007/2013 - Community Actions, led by the WWELL Research center of the Catholic University of MilanCompleted
2014 Collaborator of Varieties of Democracy, a project led by the Universities of Gothenburg, in Sweden, and Notre Dame, in the USA.Completed
2012-2015 Co-leader of the project VALID, "Values, Institutional Quality and Development", funded by Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos (2012-2014), in collaboration with Alejandro Portes (Center for Migration and Development, University of Princeton)Completed
2008-09 Leader of the project "State, school and diversity: capacity building, universality and procedural fairness", Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, grant (IME/SDE/81861/2006), 2008/09.Completed
2004-09 Member of the European Network of Excellence IMISCOE (6th FP, contract nº NoE 506 236)Completed
2004-05 Leader of the project "Children of Immigrants: Monitoring their Connection to the Knowledge Society", Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, grant (IME/SOC/49911/2003), 2004/05.Completed
2003-06 Leader of the project "Ethnic Tourism: An Opportunity for Immigrants and a New Deal for the Cities?", Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, grant POCTI (SOC/47152/2002), 2003-2006.Completed
2000-02 Leader of the project "Entrepreneurship and Citizenship: Modes of immigrants inclusion in the Portuguese society", Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, grant Praxis XXI (P/SOC/12104/1998), 2000-2002.Completed
1997-99 Co-leader of the project "Integration, Identity practices and social exclusion in the valley of Algés", Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, grant Praxis XXI (CSH/840/95), 1997-99, with David Justino (FCSH-UNL).Completed
Professor, Universidade Nova de Lisboa - School of Social Sciences and Humanities, and researcher at IPRI
2014 - Director of the masters course Migration, Inter-Ethnicity and Transnationalism (NOVA University of Lisbon, FCSH)
2013 - Member of the Advisory Council of the Cape-Verdean Observatory on Migration
2009 - Member of the network POPARTDIVCIT
2007-2008 Chair of the Scientific Board of the Sociology department (NOVA University of Lisbon, FCSH)
2004-2009 Member of the Executive Board of the EU-funded Network of Excellence IMISCOE (Immigration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe)
1996-1999 Founder and Director of SociNova - this research institute was ranked "Very Good" by the Ministry of Science in 1999

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