Raquel Varela is a historian, researcher and university professor. Starting Grant from the Foundation for Science and Technology / New University of Lisbon / IHC and Fellow of the International Institute for Social History (Amsterdam). International visiting professor at the Fluminense Federal University, where she teaches a chair in the area of ​​global work history in the postgraduate program in History. She is an international evaluator of CNPQ/Brazil.

Research unit: Institute of Contemporary History (IHC)

Research areas: Global labour History, History of Social Movements, History of Welfare State, Social Security

2010DoctorateInstituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)História Política e Institucional
  • African Forced Labour and Anti-colonial Struggles in the Portuguese Revolution  
  • A Revolução dos Cravos e o controlo operário  
  • As Revoluções Anticoloniais  
  • Desgaste, Condições de Vida e Trabalho em Portugal:  
  • História do Movimento Operário e Conflitos Sociais em Portugal  
TitleFunding sourceStartEnd
Global Collaboratory on the History of Labour Relations in the period 1500-20002006-12-312012-12-31
Relações laborais em Portugal e no mundo lusófono 1800-2000: continuidades e ruturas2013-03-312015-03-30
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