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International Conference on Photography & Cinema

Data: 27 e 28 de Novembro | Local: FCSH - Torre B - Auditório 1
Quando 2012-11-27 09:45 até
2012-11-28 20:00
Onde FCSH - Torre B - Auditório 1
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Fifty years have passed since Chris Marker’s “La Jetée” (1962) release blurred the frontiers between photography and film. This anniversary will be the occasion to promote a two-day forum of debate on photography and film’s mutual influence, as well as on the prevailing themes brought about by Chris Marker’s work (memory and image, trauma, image and narrative). Theorizing photography and film (ontologies, histories) has been a core issue since digital revolution and scholars have, in recent years, produced a substancial and fascinating criticism on the relation between the two media (e.g. Doane, Raymond Bellour, Rancière, Laura Mulvey, James Elkins gave significant contributions to this debate).






Dia 27

09:45 — Image, Time and Duration

Ana Barroso Kiss the Past Hello: a foreword and

an afterword to Larry Clark’s cinema

Diana Soeiro — Philosophy of Space: On Perceptual Continuity and Discontinuity

Luiz Carlos Oliveira — The phantom-image:

photography and memory in Unas fotos en la ciudad

de Sylvia of José Luis Guerín

Eben Wood (Chair)

11:45 — Theorizing La Jetée

Fabio Zanoni — Chris Marker and the hybrid identities

Joana Bicacro — An interval between movements: frame, stasis and duration in La Jetée

Ana Cabral Martins — Theorizing La Jetée and

12 Monkeys, but also Vertigo

Spring Ulmer (Chair)

15:00 — Rethinking Chris Marker’s Work

Inês Gil — Marker and the mystic lyrism of Tarkovski

in Une Journée d’Andreï Arsenevitch

Susana Martins — Chris Marker and the photo-filmic dimension of travel books: the case of Petite Planète

Francisco Maia Henriques — The Ocean Bullfight: Chris Marker’s commentary on Les Hommes

de la Baleine

Susana Lourenço Marques (Chair)

16:30 — Screening:

Les Hommes de la Baleine (1956)

Mario Ruspoli

17:30 — Keynote Speaker

Philippe Dubois (Université Sorbonne - Paris III)

La Jetée de Chris Marker ou le cinématogramme

de la conscience

Margarida Medeiros (Chair)


Dia 28

9:30 — Relating ontologies of film and photography

Luís Mendonça — Written black and white images: James Agee and the childhood of modern cinema

Temenuga Trifonova — Cinematic Photography

Irene Aparício — Statues also die: where do memories come from?

Teresa Mendes Flores (Chair)

11:30 — Memory, film and photography

Miguel Mesquita Duarte — Images, Itineraries,

Geographies. Considerations on memory from

Chris Marker’s La Jetée

Catarina Mourão Ghosts in the House of Gávea:

Daydreaming and forgetting in Santiago, a feature

documentary by João Moreira Salles

Emi Koide — Time travel, image and memory

in Chris Marker’s work

Nuno Crespo (Chair)

14:30 — Image, trauma and terror

Maria João Baltazar — A imagem traumática

do novo documentalismo fotográfico

Eben Wood — Letters from a Far-Off Country:

Coréenes, La Jetée, and the Frames of War

Kierran Horner — Absurd Algeria: Between photogra­phy and film (the leap of the absurd hero) in La Jetée

Spring Ulmer — Can good come of the visual poetry of torture in Chris Marker’s La Jetée and W. G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn?

Sérgio Mah (Chair)

16:45 — Archive Images

Eduarda Neves — Digging the Archive: On Self-Portrait, Cinema and Photography

Emília Tavares — The Imprisoned Images

Monika Kesha — Figures in Movement. Francis Bacon and Eadweard Muybridge in Film

Luís Mendonça (Chair)

18:30 — Keynote Speaker

David Campany (University of Westminster)

La Jetée and Cinema on Paper

Joana Cunha Leal (Chair)

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