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Conferência: "Dikes of Courage"

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  • Científico
Quando 2018-11-23
de 09:00 até 18:00
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Organização: CETAPS


    • Jeanne Theoharis, Brooklyn College of City University of New York
    • Isabel Caldeira, Center for Social Studies / Faculty of Letters, University of Coimbra


The Conference invites reflections on the representation of the Civil Rights Movement not only in American historiography but also in public and media discourses, literature, visual culture, and filmic, musical and televisual texts produced in the last fifty years. It encourages an approach that goes beyond the understanding of these texts as artifacts that produce social memory to ask how they illuminate debates about the aesthetics of protest, the relationship between activism and art, the collective and the personal, the politics of identity and intergenerational remembering. It also welcomes approaches that identify the networks between pasts and presents, following Ashraf Rushdy’s concept in Remembering Generations (2001), of African-American cultural texts constituting a palimpsest where what has happened in other spaces and times becomes experientially available, examining both the creative dialogues between the Civil Rights Movement artists and their predecessors of the Harlem Renaissance and beyond, and the aesthetic frames used by the contemporary generations of “post-black” artists and writers to invoke and reimagine that legacy. It is also interested in comparative approaches that explore the influence of the African-American civil rights praxis and aesthetics of protest in other campaigns for equality that emerged during and after the 1960s, namely Native-American, Asian-American, Latino/a and LGBTQ movements.


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